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It has been a year of firsts for the Cabal. First one we’ve had to deal with a real-life plague. I not sure if the Horned Rat or Grandfather Nurgle take the blame for this or if those filthy Nomads and Haqq have let something out the labs.

As such the club has not met as regularly as we would have liked but nonetheless we are still going strong. Having added Bolt Action to our roster along with Middle Earth Strategy Battles we have seen growth in systems as well as a resurgence in both 40k and Warmachine and Hordes. We’ve been a big part in the global TT Dropfleet Commander campaign thanks to Chris our Events Chair for 2020.

Moving into the new year we will be looking at regular gaming evenings for the non-GW games at Jix Hobbies and continuing our Monday evening games at Colbyn as well. Hopefully with Vaccines starting distribution we’ll be back to full steam and events in no time.

A happy new year to all our members and friends! And happy painting for those who are on holiday.