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2019 has been a roller coaster of a year for The Cabal. We moved to split our venue time between Outer Limits and the new venue Colbyn Driving Range and Restaurant, eventually, fulling moving to Colbyn where I believe we have found a welcoming home for years to come. As of June, we have also started playing at Cool Runnings Centurion which provides us ample time to grab multiple games a week.

System wise we have had a massive surge in Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli ( thanks to one of our members Ben van der Merwe, big props to the guy. We were more than happy to loan the use of our boards to Corsair for the first-ever District 9000 Satellite event and we hope to continue this arrangement of Cabal involvement in D9k in future years.

District 9000 Sattelite Tournament in full swing

New Systems have popped up and picked up play at the club with Drop Fleet Commander needing specific mention. The Amundsen Gambit campaign will not only be a Cabal campaign but may also have implications on the established lore of the game thanks to Chris Visser and the game producer TT Combat (!

PHR vs Scourge Dropfleet Commander game in-progress

All in all, it has been a most excellent year for the club, I can only hope that we go to new heights in 2020 and look forward to being involved with the new committee for the next year.

Keep gaming and for those Paintymen fans #paintyourshit (

Duane Havenga (incumbent chairman)