Join Us

Why join the Cabal?

  • We’re a fun collection for folks who have a passion for a diverse range of wargames.
  • We have regular game nights and even campaigns for our popular systems.
  • Our terrain collection for all our games is extensive and we keep on growing it.
  • If you need help painting your army, we have social paint days.
  • Members can book tables on game nights.
  • You get discounted entry in our hosted tournaments. You also get a discount from certain local (South African) retailers for being a member.

You just want to register and play in a hosted event?

Simply Register on our website as a guest.

You’d just like to join a friend who is a Cabal member for a game?

Register on our website as a guest. 

Your friend will be able to book a table with you.

You like what you see and want to join us?

  1. Register on our website
  2. Pay membership dues of R600/year in our store: Annual Cabal Membership.
  3. We will check everything and grant you member status on the website. 
  4. A board member will then contact you for any remaining information such as your game preferences.
  5. Welcome aboard!