As a club, the Cabal generally strives to be a place of happiness and enjoyment. However, there can be no joy when we have lost one of our oldest and dearest members and friends.

Johan Jansen, known as Joppie to most in the club, has been a strong part of the club over the years whether as a committee member or an enthusiastic player. It is with great sadness that we mark his passing at the start of this new year. His presence has touched the lives of many members past and present and he will be greatly missed.

Below are just a few memories from some members old and new of a person whose passing leaves our community a poorer place.

To you Joppie, may we strive to remain a club worthy of your enthusiasm.

Johan receiving his prize at D9K 2019

More than fifteen years ago there existed a comic shop here in Pretoria known as Insanity. The shop encouraged players to hang out and play their favourite games. From it grew a community of war game players.

My first memory of Joppie came from that shop. I was happily playing a game with my Skaven, when some guy walked up to me and had the audacity to tell me how to play my army. Or so I thought at the time. Joppie was passionate about his hobbies and threw himself into each game with abandon. He played everything, from Warhammer to Warmachine, to Infinity. If you introduced a new system to a club, you’d have his support and he’d be all in. Even though he’d grumble, he’d eventually tackle his pile of shame and arrived at a tournament with a painted army. 

When you’ve known someone this long, you’ve had many ups and downs. From heated debates on army construction and how we thought a specific army should be played, to how we can better run the clubs we’ve been a part of. Through them all though Joppie’s passion for his games and dedication to build a community never faltered. Even when it was just a handful of us playing out of Tings and Times, he’d make a plan to play a game.

Here in the Cabal he served admirably in many roles, as Vice-Chair and Treasurer most notably, and earned the respect of his peers through his dedication and attention to detail.

We will miss him at every tournament, game day, and community event. He was truly an integral part of our community. Cheers Joppie!

Chris Visser
Johan with the rest of the participants of D9K

I have been playing wargames in Pretoria for close to a decade. Joppie was always an integral part of our community. Always willing to help. I can’t remember an event where he was not rolling dice and representing our club. I will remember him as one of the founding members of our local Infinity community. A Passionate collector and player who never missed an opportunity to play this game we have all come to love so much. You could always count on Joppie to be there and contribute!

On a personal level, I came to know Joppie as someone who worked hard on improving himself. His commitment to being a better person, fun opponent, and a contributing community member was something I will forever remember and respect. It is a rare quality.

Joppie, we will miss you at our events. It won’t be the same without you. I will miss your grumbling about dice rolls and how excited you got about a new tactic or combination in one of your armies.

May the dice gods smile on you.

Ben van der Merwe
Johan at Bolt Action Nationals 2020

I met the club and Joppie about a year and a half ago.

So I didn’t know him as well as the other blokes at the club. But what I saw of Joppie in that time, I’ll never forget. The guy was always fun to play with and against. He was integral to me becoming part of the club and finding a place where I felt I belonged.

I don’t have a lot friends and he was one of them. I only knew him from playing at the club, but he meant a lot to me. Knowing that I will never see him again, that I won’t be able to have a game with him and just enjoy his company saddens me beyond words. I can’t do him justice with words; those that knew him will understand what I mean.

Joppie, I’ll miss you and never forget you bud. May you rest in peace, friend.

Gerrit Janse van Rensburg