To liven things up this year and encourage participation in all aspects of the club and hobby we hosting the Cabal Hobby Bingo Challenge.

The challenge runs over the year from 13 January 2020 until our AGM at the end of October 2020.

The prize will be a R500 voucher from any one of the stores on our Shops page.

To participate is easy, take pictures as you achieve any of the tasks as you complete them. You can log your achievement on the Cabal Bingo form under the Cabal Forms section

We’ll post these achievements on our website once a month and the first one to reach the goal of a full house wins the prize. A full house consists of completing all 25 activities.

When you complete your first row of 5 however, feel free to shout BINGO! on the Cabal Group Therapy group.

Good luck Cabalites!