BattleTech Systems Intro with Martin Human

This week I’ve managed to get hold of Martin Human to ask him some questions about one of our latest sci-fi tabletop games in the Cabal, BattleTech! Martin has only recently started to hang out at the Cabal, and thank goodness for that. We always need more people who are up for trying new games and making things happen. We’ve come to know Martin as someone with a can-do attitude and a creative streak. It’s not surprising that he was voted the club’s hobby master. If you have ideas for terrain or if you are working on a system that needs terrain, get in touch with Martin.

What do we need to know about you and what would few people guess when they meet you for the first time?

Need to know? I am a functioning introvert with squirrel syndrome.

Most people wont guess that I am a metal drummer. I also enjoy Funk & Jazz music, it helps me focus when working. I have a musical and arty background.

What kind of a gamer are you? What games do you play outside of tabletop?

Gaming in general excites me & I would try everything if I could. I try not too care too much about winning or losing. I just feel lucky that I can finally participate in wargaming.

Outside of Wargaming I play on PC mainly but I enjoy consoles just as much. I love old-school shooters like Doom and have a big love for the Thief games. Arma and Escape from Tarkov are my grown up dad games.

How long have you been playing tabletop and which games did you start with?

I think its roughly 2 years now. BattleTech was my first taste.

What drew you to the hobby?

The sexy minis and terrain made my imagination bubble.

What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about the hobby?

That its for basement dwelling geeks only. Anyone can enjoy it!

What is BattleTech?

BattleTech is a sci-fi franchise launched back in the 80’s and the main idea and rules have not changed all that much since then. Most people will know what a Mechwarrior is based on the videogames. It’s all from the same franchise

In the far future humanity has colonized the galaxy. Great houses rule the stars and fight their wars using giant mechs piloted by Mechwarriors for honor, for house or for money. Basically Game of Thrones in space!

Why is BattleTech a system worth trying?

1. It’s cheap to start. One can literally download the free intro rules, which include printable maps and paper standees. 3D printing your mechs is 100%

2. The community is super helpfull and passionate.

3. Low model count for those who don’t want to spend hours painting a hundred                               things. (Mech addiction will sort that out though lol)

4. No rule creep. No nerfing of units. No nonsense. No drama. Just pew pew.

5. Choose your own ruleset. Intense math in CLASSIC/ Quick and easy with ALPHA STRIKE or full on paper and pen RPG.

6. Big Stompy robots

What is the best way to get started with BattleTech?

Join up with our local groups. The cabal has the Pretoria Side. Warzone has the East Rand covered and then there is also the BattleTech South Africa group. Join up and we will have you strapped into a mech in no time.

What are your plans for BattleTech at the Cabal in 2023?

We are planning a intro campaign to start very soon. I am working on some terrain builds so we have the sexiest BattleTech boards in the neighbourhood and I would like to do some silly things and scenarios like making a giant map with giant scale mechs. My hope is to make BattleTech a popular and strong system in the Cabal focused on fun.

Where can we find out more about BattleTech’s setting and basic rules?

Most of the rules and info can be found here

The BattleTech wiki is super important

For mech sheets go here

Which Cabal event are you looking forward this year?

I am looking forward and dreading my terrain making workshop happening soon.

What are the new games you are looking forward to trying this year?

 Spectre Operations and One page Rules are on my radar and there has been some talk about Frostgrave and Stargrave campaigns kicking off.

Why should people consider joining the Cabal?

In my experience the people are friendly and super helpful. I was welcomed and got set up quickly. If you have a passion for wargaming or are just interested you will be helped and welcome at the Cabal.