On a routine training exercise, Task Group FA-1 picked up a distress call from a nearby planetary outpost. The Task Group, comprising of the UCMS Vengeance, Defiant, and Hawkins capital ships of classes Moscow, Berlin and Seattle respectively, and supported by a frigate flotilla comprising of the Normandy, Hastings, Surprise and Bounty of classes Toulon and New Orleans; immediately scrambled to assist.

At 03:37 hour planet side, an intermittent signature was detected in low orbit. Fleet Carrier Hawkins continued course to the main outpost, whilst frigates Surprise and Bounty moved on one of the outlying listening posts. Frigates Normandy and Hastings maintained course on a heading that put them in support range of the Hawkins and the other frigates. Cruiser Defiant reduced speed and held back along with Heavy Cruiser Vengeance.

First conact

First contact occurred at 03:59 planetside. Striking up from atmosphere into low orbit, a wing of Scourge frigates closed in on the Vengeance. The Hawkins detected their presence and opened fire, managing to clip one. The ineffective fire did not stop the alien vessels and they inflicted heavy damage on the Vengeance.

The Vengeance engaged main thrusters to put some distance between itself and the Scourge frigates, returning fire with its rear arc ordinance. The Defiant altered course to lend assistance, unleashing a broadside onto the frigate flotilla. The combined firepower reduced the flotilla’s ranks and put them in temporary disarray.

At 04:14, the Hawkins detected a much larger signature and launched bombers to intercept. What was encountered was a Scourge Raiju undergoing final drop onto the main outpost. The bombers inflicted heavy damage, but this did not stop the Raiju from closing distance between itself and the Vengeance and unleashing a hail of fire that crippled the vessel into a non-combat state. In retaliation, the Hawkins returned the favor with bomber and turret, destroying the Raiju.

During this flashpoint, the Surprise and Bounty underwent a rapid reentry to drop troops at the listening post. Another signature was detected and the Hawkins once again launched bombers, this time engaging and damaging a Chimera. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, the Normandy and Hastings moved to assist in the kill. The Defiant disengaged the retreating Scourge frigates to support the Hawkins.

The Hawkins holding against a Chimera

With the flagship dead in space, temporary command is passed to the commander of the Hawkins. A bitter exchange of fire between the vessels in practically spitting distance of each other sees both the Hawkins and the Chimera bloodied but unbowed. The Hawkins then cut across the Chimera’s bow and unleashed a devastating broadside that put the Chimera out of commission.

At 04:38 a second Chimera enters scan range and commits to a full burn toward the listening post. The Hawkins takes pursuit with the Surprise and Bounty, freshly back in low orbit after making their drops, moving to intercept. Meanwhile, the Scourge frigates had regrouped and moved on the Defiant, inflicting heavy damage. The Normandy and Hastings surged toward the stricken vessel to assist.

The Hawkins takes down another Chimera

Aware of the dire situation unfolding planetside; with most of the ground positions taken, the commander of the Hawkins sought to bring a decisive end to the orbital battle by eliminating the last Scourge capital ship. Unbeknown to the UCM forces however, the Scourge had activated the planetary defence guns which opened fire on the Hawkins. In a catastrophic explosion that saw both the Surprise and the Bounty caught in its range, the Hawkins was destroyed with all hands and the Task Group was immediately reduced by half.

The final nail in the coffin was the final crippling of the Defiant by the Scourge frigates. With the battle lost, the surviving ships UCMS Normandy and Hastings quit the field and at 04:56, spacefolded back to a safer sector. Later retrieval crews recovered the Vengeance, Defiant, Surprise and Bounty for repair and recommission.

Defiant taking a pounding

In honor of the brave crew and commander of the Hawkins, a new Seattle Class Fleet Carrier named Hawkins has been commissioned.