Outstanding Amount
Mephiston RedReceived by Club TotalR49.50
Ratskin FleshReceived by Club TotalR45.00
Rumbleslam 2 player starter boxOrder Placed TotalR418.50
Rumbleslam Duluxe Championship RingOrder Placed TotalR225.00
Shyish PurpleReceived by Club TotalR85.50
MicroArts Round Base 55mm HighwayReceived by Club TotalR81.00
MO Preorder Pack with Biker and MendozaOrder Placed TotalR1,925.00
Muskets and TomahawksReceived by Club TotalR445.00
Redcoats and TomahawksReceived by Club TotalR225.00
Saxon Shield Transfers SAGAReceived by Club TotalR94.50
Tiger1 Ausf EReceived by Club TotalR369.00
Khagras RavagersReceived by Club TotalR515.00
MO Preorder Pack (without Biker and Mendoza)Order Placed TotalR1,925.00
New Battletome Lumineth RealmlordsReceived by Club TotalR445.00
New Warscroll cards Lumineth RealmlordsReceived by Club TotalR260.00
Pariah Nexus Received by Club TotalR1,650.00
Warhammer: Cursed CityOrder Placed TotalR2,185.00
Army Painter RangefinderReceived by Club TotalR103.50
Betrayal Character PackReceived by Club TotalR747.00
Microarts graveyard basesReceived by Club TotalR81.00
Warhammer 40k core rulebookReceived by Club TotalR756.00