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The Amundsen Gambit Campaign: Round 1

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Following the relative success against the high profile targets in the Northern Hemisphere, the Triumvirate turned their attention to the South. Their goal to secure not only Subsaharan Africa and Australasia but to establish a beachhead to retake the city of Amundsen on Antarctica. 

The sensor arrays and control of the Antarctic jump node are key to UCM and Resistance plans, while the PHR was more interested in the mineral wealth of these areas. Pockets of feral resistance battle on the ground and Scourge packs prowl the orbiting debris fields with mercurial Shaltari tribes continue with their mysterious goals.

Each of the various factions begins by testing the threat posed before committing more resources to the battle.

The Amundsen Gambit Campaign is a global campaign for TTCombat‘s Dropfleet Commander and is run by the Cabal with TTCombat’s blessing.

The campaign designed to help new players slowly learn the rules and build a tournament-ready fleet over three rounds.

The structure is as follows:
Round 1: 550pts, No Admirals
Round 2: 999pts, Admirals included
Round 3: 1500pts, Admirals included

The dates for each round is as follows:

Round 1: Monday, 17 February 2020 to Monday, 16 March 2020
Round 2: Monday, 23 March 2020 to Monday, 20 April 2020
Round 3: Monday, 27 April 2020 to Monday, 25 May 2020

At the end of each round, based on the player feedback, we will write a short narrative and provide a list of suggested scenarios based on the results.

You can download the campaign pack for more information here: Amundsen Gambit Campaign – Round 1

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